3 Tips for Choosing the Professional Wedding Photographers in Calgary

After the champagne toast has been made, vows are said, the dancing is done, all that’s left are the beautiful memories and the images captured throughout the wedding day. For this reason, many brides put wedding photography on the must-splurge list.

Finding the right Calgary wedding photographer for you and your once-in-a-lifetime wedding takes time. Here are a few tips to get the best wedding photos possible:

Calgary Wedding Photographer

1. Seek for exceptional skills
A professional Calgary photographer uses unique skills and techniques to bring out the beauty and creativity of every photograph. Whether it’s how they edit, what camera they’re shooting with or what their overall style is, it’s necessary to feel that you’ve found a photographer that has different creative elements.

Browse the photographer’s websites to get a unique feel for different angles, times of day, subjects, and more. A Calgary wedding photographer should be able to capture the joy and candid moments during the day as well as the light.

It’s better to have a Calgary photographer that uses it to create dreamy images no matter whatever the time of the day or weather is significant. You will be able to tell if the wedding photographer uses different techniques with their camera, shooting, and editing tools. If you’re not sure from the website, you should simply ask.

2. Ask the right questions
You won’t be able to rely on your photographer to capture your wedding day unless you’ve discussed with them thoroughly and asked questions so that you know their process of taking and editing the images.

As the wedding day gets closer, there will be a few things you will need to talk to Calgary wedding photographer about to make sure you both are on the same page. The first will be to work on a photography timeline for the wedding day. They will make sure that there is enough time for all the events of the wedding day.

The last thing you will make sure is to tell your wedding photographer any small important details that are significant and unique. It’s more important to trust your photographer and understand that they will capture the beautiful moments of the day.

Once you know the process of wedding photography and get on the same page with types of images, lighting, location, and editing style, you will feel more comfortable with giving them the creativity and control they require.

3. Step back and enjoy the day
Though it’s your wedding day, you want to rest assured that you choose the right wedding photographer in Calgary. Essentially, you want to get out of the way and eventually allow your photographer to do their job using their expertise as well as experience.

This will give your wedding photographer the opportunity to take ownership of the wedding photographs and use their unique ways of capturing photos. It seems difficult to relinquish control but for some, it’s what they prefer.

Final consideration –
No matter how involved you plan to be in your wedding photography, find the level of comfort and someone you trust much. This way, you can get to enjoy your wedding day the way it unfolds, completely immersed in the moment. To schedule an appointment with a professional Calgary wedding photographer, contact Alan Maudie Photography today!


What Is Included In a Typical Wedding Photography Package?

When looking for the best wedding photographer in Calgary, you’ll come across so many photographers that offer different things in their wedding photography packages. However, most wedding photography packages include a combination of the following elements:

Wedding Photographers in Calgary

Photography coverage on the day:
The duration your photographer will take pictures on your wedding day is the most important thing to consider. Generally a wedding photography package offer 6 or 8 hours of photography. The duration of the photography obviously affects the cost of the package.

A second photographer:
Some wedding photographers provide the choice to hire a second photographer.

A pre-wedding photo session:
Your wedding photography package may include a pre-wedding photo session that occurs months before the wedding. Pre-wedding photo sessions are also known as engagement photo session which is like a play shoot where you and your photographer get to know each other.

A USB stick:
Your photography package might include a USB memory card with the edited images in resolutions.

A certain number of digital images:
The package must say how many images you can anticipate to get after your wedding.

A certain number of prints:
Usually, photographers would include an assortment of prints (6″x4″, or 7″x5″, or a large one for the wall, but not a lot of photographers do that now a days).

An online gallery:
Most reputed Calgary photographer will provide you access to your own password-secured online gallery, so you’ll have the luxury to share the images with your family member and friends. Usually this online gallery lets you & your relatives to buy separate prints at prices fixed by the photographer.

A wedding album:
Your wedding photography package may also include a wedding album depending on your photographer.

A large frame or canvas:
Your photography package might include one framed wedding picture or canvas print for your wall. It must say the size of the canvas or frame, and when you can anticipate getting it.

A preview album:
The package might include a preview album which is an image book showcasing all edited pictures printed in a low-priced book. This isn’t a wedding album.

A video with the best pictures:
The photographer might create a little video with music showcasing the best pictures of your wedding.

The price/deposits:
The package must have clear details regarding all the elements that are part of the photographer’s service. It must confirm a price, either including or excluding taxes. Also, it should say clearly how much of a deposit is needed to make the booking, and when the payment for the full package price is due. This differs from one photographer to another! The photographer must also let you know what payment methods they accept.

Hopefully, now you’ve a clear idea on what your Calgary Wedding Photography package should include. Feel free to discuss with your photographer if you want to add anything extra into your wedding photography package. Most professional photographers would love to customize a wedding photography package that best fit your budget and requirements.

Six Top Rated Wedding Photographers in Calgary

Wedding photography has changed over the years and wedding photographers have adapted various new technologies to make photographs look real and intriguing. And couples prefer those photographers with whom they can relate. If you are also getting married soon and looking for creative and expert wedding photographers in Calgary then below is the list of top sixCalgary wedding photographers whom you can trust completely when it comes to capturing the beauty of your wedding in the most creative and innovative way.

Calgary Wedding Photographers

Nicole Sarah Wedding Photography
It is owned by Nicole Sarah, a wedding photographer in Calgary with over 10 years of experience after formal training in fine arts. She strongly believes that the foundation to capturing breathtaking, natural images relies on building a friendship with her clients. From planning your itinerary, finding a florist or picking the perfect engagement session outfit – to helping you deal with your eccentric aunt on your wedding day she can help you with that.

Anna Michalska Photography
Owned by Anna Michalska, it is a magazine published and award winning full service wedding photography stop, serving couples in Calgary as well as worldwide since 2007. Anna is an extremely professional as well as a creative, fun and energetic Calgary wedding photographer.

Christina (plus) Nathan Weddings
Christina (plus) Nathan Weddings are one of the most established wedding photography studios in Calgary. They are a boutique studio taking 15 special weddings a year. As full time professional photographers they have been photographing weddings, families and businesses together for a decade.

Alan Maudie Photography
Alan Maudie is a Calgary photographer specializing in wedding photography and family portraits. Over the past 10+ years, he has been documenting a large variety of weddings, from some of the biggest weddings in Alberta history to small intimate mountaintop elopements. As per his clients he is one of the most creative, professional and friendly wedding photographers in Calgary. According to him photography is the only profession he has ever known and he can’t really imagine doing anything else.

EMILY EXON Photography
Emily Exon is a romantic, modern wedding photographer based in Calgary. She creates real, authentic photography done in a romantic, modern style.She along with her team is inspired by the beauty of the city and its natural surroundings.

JM Photography
JM Photography owned by Jeremy Martel is a beautiful studio located in South Calgary who captures candid moments that possess energy and depth, producing beautiful, timeless images. They specialize in recording connections through their lens, capturing real moments that touch the people that are connected to them.

Picking the Right Calgary Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. When the wedding celebrations are done, you and your spouse will look at these photos for years to come in order to relive the enchantment of the big day and share with loved ones.

While a perfect start to finding Calgary photographers is looking through portfolios of previous weddings that they’ve shot. Besides, there are different questions and answers you may not know you should make sure you get the Calgary wedding photographer of your dreams!

Here are a few important things you should always ask and understand before deciding on your wedding photographer in Calgary:

Alan Maudie Photography

Ask to see a full portfolio.
Most wedding photographers curate their specific brand effortlessly. Rightfully so, as it captures your attention and draws you in, and tells you exactly what is the photographic style. However, they may not always show nighttime flash of photography or family photos in their portfolio. So it’s necessary to see a complete gallery to obtain a great sense of what you can expect throughout the entire wedding day.

Know why a photographer does what he/she says.
Make sure to ask why they do what they say and are passionate about. This answer may resonate well with you or it may not. If you are bride who loves relishing in the fine details of the wedding day and wants to get your wedding photographed, a Calgary wedding photographer can let you know about the passion for photography style that might be a good fit for you.

If you want a wedding photographer that can step back and research on the scene to capture candid moments, a documentary style photographer can be right up your alley. Of course, there will be a great spectrum of styles. But asking questions can help you narrow down your fit.

Get a better overview of how you’ll work together.
Wedding photographers should make their couples feel relaxed in front of the camera and it’s important to get a perfect sense of how a photographer will work with you. Some wedding photographers might have a specific way which they direct the clients in portrait sessions.

Others might take a more hands-off approach. If you feel you may need a lot of directions, it might be better to find a photographer who is going to give that to you.

There are different questions that should be asked like pricing details, turn-around time, style, etc. Your main aim is to know if you resonate with the work and can rely on that what you see is what you will get. And you should be able to resonate with the wedding photographer at a personal level.


Final consideration
The most important things to know about a Calgary photographer before booking are style and personality. By asking to see a full gallery, researching on photographer’s curated portfolio on their website and Instagram, and discussing with them in person are the main things that are important to get at.

Do you rely on Calgary photographer’s vision, aesthetics, and work enough to invest and can you hang out with the professional all day long on your wedding day? Please contact Calgary wedding photographer at Alan Maudie Photography and let the professional Calgary photographers capture the beautiful details on your big day!

Choosing the Right Calgary Wedding Photographers at Your Convenience

Has your wedding day finally arrived? Are you excited to meet your groom on big day? It’s one of the most cherished parts of a wedding ceremony. The sweet anticipation is second to none. Fortunately, the professional wedding photographers in Calgary are available out there to capture all those moments beautifully. All of the images will take you back to that specific moment instantly.

Chances are, your Calgary wedding photographers will know what to do so you don’t have to give them direction. All you need to do is to fully soak in the beautiful day while letting the pros handle the photographic details as the day goes on.

Wedding Photographers Calgary

A wedding photographer is the storyteller of your wedding. To tell you the appealing, engaging story of your dreams, you’ll need to do much more than just book a photographer – you have to communicate with them, also!

With handful numbers of talented and skillful vendors across the photography industry, choosing the right wedding photographer is more about finding someone professional to collaborate with that can bring your vision to life. You can add three more tasks to your to-do list, if you really want to get that dreamy set of wedding memories after saying, “I do”.

Ask for the images you want, including the intimate candids.
It’s highly suggested that you should have an honest conversation about how you envision your wedding day and what photos you want to have. If you need a lot of documentary style candid shots, feel free to say that. If you need only posed shots, just say that. If you and a specific photographer have different vision and styles, it’s okay to wait until you find a perfect match.

You only get only one chance to capture the striking wedding moments. Henceforth, make your voice heard and leave the rest up to the pros. After all, their whole career is about capturing the joy on that special day.

Discuss about your style and set pricing expectations.
Every wedding photographer has their own style of capturing weddings and editing galleries. Take a close look at their full portfolio and know how they photograph weddings. Find out what style the Calgary wedding photographers prefer.

Remember that, you’re only looking for a perfect match for your wedding day. Besides, you should know their pricing details. After all, you should know up front what to expect financially.

Make time to create your wedding album.
As soon as you finalize the wedding date and book your wedding photographer, mark a day on the calendar to create your wedding album. Then just stick to your plan. Your wedding album is often the most forgotten piece of wedding memorabilia. The hustle and bustle of wedding planning lead up to an unforgettable ceremony and celebration that your photographer can’t wait to capture.

Afterward, life moves ahead fast and follow-up meetings are forgotten. Either way, your wedding day album is a living memory you won’t want to forget. Make sure to schedule a time for that before the wedding day so all you have to do is to choose your favorite snaps.

Wedding PhotographersCalgary

Let’s be real. As amazing as wedding photographers in Calgary are, they can’t read your mind. No matter what, you’ll get a beautiful set of stills after the ceremony is over. Just make sure you share your vision and plan ahead to get the wedding images of your dreams!

Final Consideration –
Alan Maudie is an award-winning wedding photographer, specializes in wedding photography to create wedding memories of your dreams. If you are looking for Calgary wedding photographers, please check out the portfolio that includes Alan Maudie’s previously completed projects.

For more information about our services, please contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Calgary Photographer – 5 Secret Tips to Come up with Better Family Portraits

If you have recently entered into the world of family portraits, the job of smoothly managing a Calgary family photo session and coming up with better images can be a scary one. But after successfully handing many family photo sessions, our professional Calgary photographer can suggest you a few things you can do for sure to mark your own success in this area. Here are 5 secret tips that will allow you a great platform to work on and to lead your way to taking better family portraits in Calgary as a photographer.

Family Photographers Calgary

1. Wisely choose a location: – You may be thinking that the location should be as stunning as your dream vision to photograph a Calgary family, but that’s not always true. Though location is a significant part of a family photo session, still a Calgary photographer can take great images at any average place. When a location is chosen to suit the client’s family values and vision for the portraits, it will complement the photo session nicely. The Calgary photographers always have a few preferred places and a few crucial things that they consider while choosing any such location for a family photo session.


2. Don’t use harsh light rather soft and flattering light: – When it comes to perfect family portraits, the light has a bigger impact. This is what no Calgary photographer can deny. Whenever Calgary photographers set up a family photo shoot, they go about adjusting the light first. If the background is a gorgeous one, clients coming for family portraits may feel harsh light falling on their faces, so a sober background needs to be replaced with. All client-centered photographers in Calgary will take care of light so that their clients look and feel good. They mostly avoid using harsh light rather put their clients in soft and mild lighting.

Calgary Wedding Photography

3. Be available to help your clients prepare for the session: – Keeping available to help your clients prepare for the family photo session and guiding them to be relaxed throughout the session is what make you stand out as a Calgary photographer. Don’t miss on anything that will prevent the clients from having a positive experience with you. Be open to be part of their outfit decisions or tell them how to pose, what props to use and how to carry till the end of the session. Before resuming the session, try to interact with them and know them as a family.

Calgary Wedding Photography

4. Choose a lens based on your personal shooting style: – Choosing the right camera lens is the personal decision of the photographer that is mainly driven by his or her shooting style and comfort level. The most widely used lens types for Calgary family portraits are the 35mm, 50mm, 85mm or a longer type such as the 135mm or the 70-200mm can also be tried. However, a different look will be produced by each of these lenses. So take a look at your personal shooting style and then select the lens that will be perfect to shoot based on the space and scope of movement that the location allows.


5. Show a deeper level of love connection in the portrait: – The most perfect family portraits go beyond the norms of a standard “portrait” to reflect a deeper level of love connection. When you are best at coaching your clients to keep natural, love connected and comfortable, you can capture magical moments that more then candid expressions: those portraits become assets to showcase the lovely bond that your client’s family shares.

Calgary Photographers

Hopefully, all the above secret tips are going to help you in your next family photo session. With them, you can no doubt make the most of the photo session and come up with better family portraits.

If your family portraits don’t have that much desirable effect, Alan Maudie is the smart Calgary photographer available to cover it the way you want! Please talk to him to gather more exclusive details at 403-202-4662! A family photo session is the best memory every Calgary family can enjoy for generations in the form of framed pictures! Consider reaching one of the best Calgary Photographers – Alan Maudie via email@alanmaudie.com if you want your family portraits to be outstanding.

Necessary Aspects of a Perfect Wedding – An Overview

Once someone said, “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” And it is true to the core. Every girl and guy at certain point of their lives wish to be with somebody with whom they can spend rest of their lives sharing their joys, and fears freely. And that certain point is termed as wedding.

Calgary Wedding Photography

Talking of weddings, interestingly the wedding season is on! Are you getting wedded to your beloved this season? Your wedding day is celebration of the love between you and your beloved. Hence, this celebration has to be special and planned perfectly! Few aspects of a wedding that are necessary to keep in mind to make it the most happening one are the wedding dress and accessories, venue, decorations, catering, wedding photography, and the wedding theme.


A wedding gown with perfect accessories like hair pins, earrings, cape, veil, tiara, and clutch and so on makes the bride look perfect but if chosen correctly! Hence, it is necessary to get the right accessories matching the gown! Similarly for the groom also the suit with perfect accessories like a matching bow tie, smart watch, and shoes must be chosen! Next important aspect is the venue where you both are going to take the vow to be together for life and hence must be chosen with keeping your personalities and budget in mind. With the venue comes the decoration which needs to be done keeping the theme in mind. Food is another important aspect of every wedding hence a good catering need to be hired who can serve you and your guests with delicious food.


Last but the most important one is the wedding photography that captures everything from your emotions to the decoration to the fun filled moments enjoyed by your guests. That is why, booking experienced and professional wedding photographers is a must to create beautiful stories that you and your partner will reminisce throughout your life!


If you are planning your wedding in Calgary and organized everything but looking for professional and experienced wedding photographers Calgary then go for AlanMaudie Photography! Know more at https://www.alanmaudie.com/

Book the Right Wedding Photographer and Create Wonderful Memories

Wedding day is the once in a lifetime and spectacular day for all of us that is going to be filled with a lot of laughter, tears and memories to count. It is a day that we all dream of our entire life! Isn’t it? That moment when the bride and groom say “I Do” cannot be replaced by any other moment ever. And to make this day the most unique and memorable we do make a lot of effort from decorations to shopping attires and everything in between.

Calgary Wedding Photographer

And among these entire preparations one thing that needs to be prioritized more is wedding photography! Why? Because these moments will pass, decorations will get removed but the memories created with photography will remain forever with us! Although it is a costly affair but booking a professional wedding photographer is a must. As a professional wedding photographer can capture and exhibit each and every emotion of the bride, the groom, their families and guests through their photography skills. And hence create beautiful stories that will be treasured for life.

Calgary Wedding Photography

Now while looking for the right wedding photographer few things need to be considered such as exploring various reviews from the previous clients, location of the photographer, budget and the style of the photography. And when it comes to the style of wedding photography there are mainly 3 most preferred styles i.e. conventional, creative and photo journalistic and hence it’s upon you to choose the wedding photographer who can deliver you with your desired style of wedding photographs. So make the right choice to create beautiful memories to reminisce for life!

Best Wedding Photographers in Calgary

Choosing the right wedding photographer helps you to create beautiful memories to treasure for life. And Alan Maudie, one of the most sought after Calgary wedding photographers creates such wonderful memories with their creative and innovative skills. To know more visit https://www.alanmaudie.com/

Banff Wedding Photographer – 5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff

So, you are the future bride or groom waiting eagerly to get wedded in Banff this year and expecting the leaves to show off at the best of their beauty and rich in colors by the time of your wedding. You are so lucky to have chosen this time of year for wedding. After all, there is something special about a fall wedding in Banff; the pleasant weather, the strong smell of fresh pine trees, the green hues around and the aromatic foods feel so amazing that everyone will find it hard to not to come to your special day. As most of the creative Banff photographers say a fall wedding in Banff and the Rocky mountains is a lifetime chance to bring your romance in this season up another ten times because the mountains have their ultra charm showing off in your wedding photographs in the most fantastic way.

Banff Wedding Photographer

You always need the best Banff wedding photographer to shoot that fall beauty in perfect harmony with your wedding photos. So, here are recommendations on some of the best locations for wedding photography in Banff. These locations look outstanding all year round but they look most spectacular in the fall. Make sure to contact a great Banff wedding photographer who is available and has already shot a few weddings in these spots before. Such a photographer will help you pick up the best among these locations and maybe based on his personal experience or a few secret reasons.

Banff Wedding Photographers

1. Lake Minnewanka or Two Jack Lake
Both Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake make a fabulous location around Banff for wedding photo shoot. They have the beautiful backdrop of a mountain lake and the surrounding Canadian Rockies. During the fall season your Banff wedding photographer will get to permanently capture the beautiful scene of fields of daisies nearby mountain Lake Minnewanka. It has a large parking area for the convenience of guests and taking a short walk along the lake will make you come across many fantastic photo locations.

Banff Wedding Photographer

2. Cascade Ponds
Cascade ponds are another excellent location often recommended by expert wedding photographers in Banff. Things like tall grass, blue colored water, spruce trees, the creek bed, a small wooden bridge and wonderful mountain views make this place feel dreamlike. There are easy to access fire pits, picnic shelters and toilets here and you don’t have to go far away or take a short drive to find them for use.

Wedding photo

3. Vermillion Lakes
The famous photo docks on Vermillion Lakes in the west of Banff will add charm to your wedding photography. The lush marshlands, expansive lakes and the mighty Mount Rundle create the perfect backdrop for spectacular wedding photographs. This location looks too good at the time of sunrise and sunset.

Vermillion Lakes

4. The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a legendary mountain resort in the scenic alpine town of Banff used for wedding and other special occasions throughout the year. It is also referred to as Canada’s “castle in the Rockies”. If you book your wedding at the Fairmont, your photo shoot will take place inside the beautiful castle with the added benefit of its flamboyant decor and lavish rooms but the surrounds are also gorgeous, making an elite Banff wedding photography location for your choice.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort

5. Surprise Corner
The surprise at the corner as you ride on Tunnel Mountain Road from the town of Banff is another iconic place available for wedding photography. It comes with an incredible view of the magnificent Banff Springs Hotel and the splendor of the Bow River as it descends into the Bow Falls. Many of you might have already seen it in books, magazines or on postcards. The most perfect pictures can be expected, especially if your wedding photographer in Banff chooses to shoot here in the late morning or mid day.

Tunnel Mountain Road

If your wedding date is approaching fast and still you don’t have a Banff wedding photographer, Alan Maudie would love to cover your wedding! Please keep in touch with him for more details at 403-202-4662! Banff is the best place for mountain wedding and it has perfect backdrop to shoot engagement photos too! Kindly contact Alan Maudie via email@alanmaudie.com if you are interested in any of the above listed venues or beyond them.

Planning for a Rocky Mountain Wedding but can’t settle on where? Call on Alan Maudie – one of the best Banff wedding photographers to help you choose the location faster!

Different Types of Wedding Photographers to Choose From

Wedding photography is no doubt a costly affair, and is generally the 3rd biggest expense in a wedding, beaten only by venue and food. You’ll treasure your wedding photos, have them made into a costly album & perhaps even hang a few on your bedroom walls, so prior selecting a Banff wedding photographer, make sure you pick the appropriate wedding photographer to document you Big Day.

When looking for wedding photographers, a majority of the couples start their research by looking at reviews, budget and the photographer’s location, but there’s another pretty crucial aspect to take into account – the wedding photography style.

The 3 most common wedding photography styles are: Traditional, Photojournalist and Artistic. You will get different images with each wedding photography style, and because of the subjective character of photography, it’s essential to pick a Banff wedding photographer who’s style is in line with your wants.

Banff WeddingPhotographer

Traditional Wedding Photography:
Traditional wedding photography is a lot less popular than it used to be since the days of film photography but still plays an important role. This photography style focuses on the portrait session, which is heavily posed and often in a studio. It includes large group photos of the guests and tradition poses of just the couple. Photographers specialize in traditional wedding photography usually emphasizes on the important shots, following set list of planned photos. This wedding photography style needs the photographers to frequently pose the shots, meaning they have a more obvious presence all through the wedding.

Photo journalistic Wedding Photography:
Also known as Reportage Photography, Photo journalistic Wedding Photography is also widely accepted by brides & grooms all over the world. This wedding photography style involves pictures being candidly captured all through the wedding day. The presence of the photographer is far more unrecognized compared to a traditional wedding photographer. They do not just take all the crucial photography elements, all through the day but also emphasizes on capturing emotion and atmosphere through the photos. They try to capture the events, couple, guests and venues with while not getting in the way of the wedding.

Banff Wedding Photographer

Artistic Wedding Photography:
Also known as creative wedding photography, artistic wedding photography is perfect for grooms and brides seeking something that resembles a fashion magazine shoot. This photography style is similar to traditional wedding photography, as it usually employs posed & constructed shots; nonetheless, the pictures are generally less formal & rigid than traditional photography. Wedding photographers specialized in artistic wedding photography employ intense backdrops, unusual angles, refined lighting and extensive post-production to produce visually engaging pictures. More details visit www.alanmaudie.com